Romanov sheep - standard - part I – exterier

Head : medium size , a bit convex profile, upright ears, moving, big and konvex eyes, without horns

Neck : sufficiently muscled, medium length

Withers : relatively broad, not sharp at the withers rams dark saddle / like mane /

Back : straight, strong, slightly sloping rump

Chest : deep and with enough of width

Mane : dominant trait for rams at the bottom of the neck, in ewes undesirable

Feet and legs : hard, medium length, straight, regular position, deviations from regular
position undesirable, pasterns firm

Wool : dense enough, balanced with a good belly coverage, undercoat longer than hairs must form the main desktop fleece a typical medium-sized roll 6-12 mm, ratio of hair of the undercoat 1:4 - 1:10, hairs are black, undercoat creamy white , Fleece interior color is steel gray

Total : correct body building - the formation of a compact body frame


Romanov sheep -standard - part II - color specification characters

Head : basic black , white markings in the range up to 1 / 3 of the head are permitted, whitte margins on the underside of the head alowed, necessary sharp transition between black and white, ears black

Mane : black

Feet and legs : black, white markings are allowable /not desirable/ on the fore legs bellow wrist and on the rear legs bellow hock, sharp transition between black and white is necessary

Tail : black, white colour is allowable /not desirable/ at the end of tail in the range up to 1/3 of lenght

Totally : red and gray hairs are unacceptable for young lambs in the basic black colour in all parties of their body. Red colour is unacceptable in the undercoat of adult animals (after first cutting)


Romanov sheep -standard - part III – allowable defects

Defects /deviations from standard/ not listed in the allowable defects give evaluators the chance to evaluate animal for total score in all classes excluding ER (elite record). Next classes are E (elite class), I (first class), II (second class) and eliminated , but can not be eliminated for these reasons higher mentioned.

Part I. exterier

1/ horns shorter than 1 cm

2/ absence dark saddle in the area of the withers

3/ absence of mane

4/ deviation from roll in the fleece in range 6-12 /no straight wool without rolls!!!/


Part II. – color specification characters

1/ black head without white markings

2/ white markings on the head till 50% of face

3/ white markings on the ears till 50% of coverage

4/ white mane till 50% of coverage of mane

5/ white tail till 50% of length

6/ no sharp transition between black and white on the head

7/ occurrence of wool with a shade of brown


Weights of rams at classification

- 6 month old – minimum 40 kg

- 7-8 month old – minimum 45 kg

- 10 month old – minimum 48 kg

- 12 month old – minimum 50 kg


Maximal age for classification (selection) of rams is 18 month.

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