We recommend this winter time for booking of ewes that will be born in season 2024

  (majority of these rams were used this year for our herd) .
(Update December 2023

Paradise Filip, born 20.3.2022, line ROSEN, from quintuplets (5)

Paradise Frozen, born 2022, line Roland, from 3 (triplets)

Paradise Goffrey, born 16.3.2023, from quadruplets (4)

Paradise Galan, born 25.5. 2023, Line REMUS, from quadruplets (4)

Paradise Gogh, born 15.3.2023, line RAMON, from quadrupets (4)

Paradise Gargamel, born 21.3.2023, line REMUS, from quadruplets (4)

Paradise Ginger, born 13.3.2023, line ROMI, from quintuplets (5)


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