Describtion of the breed

Romanov sheep is one of main sheep breeds in Czech Republic. There is about 1000 controlled ewes of this breed , so it looks like one of biggest active populations in the world. All Czech Romanov rams and ewes are polled.

6 month old  rams need to have at minimum 40 kg. Adult ewes weight 50-70 kg, rams 60-80 kg (best 100 kg).

Ewes are controlled for fertility (national average is about 250 %) and daily gain of lambs (about 200g/day). Rams are scored for exterier too.

Best Czech herds are able to have 300 % fertility (3 lambs per ewe) and about 300 g daily gain. There is a possibility to have lambs two times per year (depends on envirement quality), because this is really  fertile breed of sheep. Quadruplets are not unusual performance for a Romanov ewe.

Romanov sheep is well suited for crossing with meat breeds (like Suffolk, Texel, Charollais, Oxford Down, ..) in maternal position.

romanov sheep in the autumn

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